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Welcome to Walt Academy…

Welcome to Walt Academy, School for Advanced Learning and Discipline. Here, we take the most disrespectful and derelict children and form them into proper members of society. Whether it be a spoiled princess or a rowdy prince, we will give them the highest form of education and guide them through their reckless phases and return them to you as intelligent and productive young adults. And if your child is already perfect, let us give them the best education possible and guarantee them bright futures.

This is Walt Academy – any fairytale’s worst nightmare. It says in the brochure that they’ll correct the bad habits, but really, it’s just like any other boarding school – easy to get around the rules. Every student has something to hide, some reason to be there, some kind of “bad” habit. That’s why they’re all here, stuck behind this brick walled jail disguised as a boarding school in Scotland.

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"If you tell a wish, it won’t come true, and after all, a dream is a wish your heart makes."

Cinderella || 18 years old || Senior, 374A || Dianna Agron

Status → OPEN

Meet Cinderella, stepdaughter of the new headmistress. Cinderella never had the privileged life, even though she lived in a mansion with servers and two stepsisters that got everything they wanted. Cinderella, though beautiful, was ignored and treated like a maid. When her stepmother heard of Walt Academy, she immediately decided to send her two precious daughters and Cinderella there. Walt Academy was a well know and prestigious school, among the top rating schools for academics, and it would also whip your naughty kids into shape? What could be better! Cinderella never argued though, at least at Walt she wouldn’t have to clean up after everyone. She’s going to Walt with the hopes of meeting new and refreshing people that will maybe allow her to have fun and not make her do the laundry. Cinderella just has to try and steer clear of her stepsisters and her stepmother, newly elected headmistress (God only knows why they let that vile woman near children).

"Meeko, bring that back!"

Meeko || 16 years old || Sophomore, 839C || Dylan O’Brien

Status → OPEN

Meet Meeko, the smooth criminal. Okay so he isn’t the smoothest criminal around, more or less a case of sticky fingers with the boy. But don’t let that fool you, Meeko’s the best at stealing, only thing he doesn’t do it maliciously or for a bad purpose. He’s actually a kid with a golden heart. How is it possible for a theft to have a good heart? Good question. Meeko normally steals food mostly, the boy is honestly the definition of a bottomless pit. He’d be the one who would constantly try to steal food off of other’s face, a mischievous grin on his face as he did so. When he wasn’t being a bottomless pit twenty-four seven, Meeko could be found helping other’s in anyway possible. He was the kind of kid that would give up his seat even though he had just ran marathon  At the tender age of ten Meeko lost his mother, she had been fighting breast cancer for years and she wasn’t strong enough too go on. His mother always told him too always do god for others, never be rude and always help, he kept those words close to heart. Besides being hungry all the time, Meeko was a rather curious lad. Always getting into things he wasn’t supposed to be in. Curiosity indeed killed the cat, but for Meeko’s case one thing always led to another and somehow the boy always got into some bad situations. One situation leading him to be shipped to Walt, It was a foolish mistake really, being left red handed as his friend fled the scene but Meeko would much rather be sent to Walt then prison where the food was literally to die for.

"Hey, what about me?"

Oliver || 16 years old || Sophomore, 249C || Harry Styles

Status → OPEN

Meet Oliver, the street kid. Abandoned by his parents before he could remember, he got taken up by a gang of older, more experienced nomads who taught him the ways of life. He only had to follow three simple rules out there: 1-take only what you need, 2-make sure you get it by whatever means necessary, and 3-above all, don’t get caught. Unfortunately, Oliver, at the tender age of 15, still had not mastered that last rule, and landed himself in the back of a police car after a botched attempt at scoring some dinner and a bit o’ cash for the crew. Apparently, his record was not as clean as he thought it would be. After ten petty offences, it was either Juvie or Walt. Oliver wasn’t really sure what Walt was, but it was his decision; he had no legal guardian. So what the hell? Scotland might be a nice change of pace, and Walt sure sounded cushier than a jail cell.

"My duty is to my heart."

Mulan || 18 years old || Senior, 204A || Arden Cho

Status → OPEN

Meet Mulan, the independent. At home, Mulan was always challenging what was expected of her. It started out as a good thing, honestly. She was a feminist through and through, refusing to be treated differently simply because she was a woman, and fighting back when men belittled her. But then she challenged her father. Her father was an old-fashioned man, very traditional, and didn’t approve of her androgynous dress or feminist attitudes. When Mulan announced that she wanted to join the army after high school, her father was furious. It was his belief that females did not belong in combat; he was a veteran himself, back in the days of the draft, when females were excluded. The family was torn apart in their war over the issue, father and daughter driven apart by a generational divide. Enraged, her father chose rashly to send her away to Walt Academy, where he was assured by the headmistress that they would “knock some sense” into his misguided daughter. But despite what she anticipates will be a very harsh environment, Mulan is determined to let no one change her.

"Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it!"

Jack Skellington || 17 years old || Junior, 711B || Evan Peters

Status → OPEN

Meet Jack, the king of the freaks, the neerdowells, the bad seeds. Jack is the guy everyone ends up looking up to, for what reason, we’ll never know. Jack is mischievous, he’s always got some kind of plan, or more than likely, plot, rolling around in that brain of his. He likes to take things and make them his own -sometimes using spray paint or golf clubs. Jack has a never ending curiosity, and he’s got a love for all things weird, creepy, and different. Put all of these things in one handsome package and you’ve got the leader of the most outrageous group of people you’ve ever seen. Jack and his posse wreaked havoc all over their hometown and neighboring cities. And once they tried to fuck with Christmas, all bets were off. Parents were completely outraged. It wasn’t cute. It wasn’t just a rebellious stage like they’d all hoped. And then everyone wanted Jack gone. So with a heavy head, Jack relinquished his thrown. But fret not, dear children. Jack will never stop being Jack. He plans to show everyone exactly why he was sentenced to Walt Academy. He’s ready to dish it out, are you ready to take it?

"Hm. ‘Bout time someone hit him. I’m just sorry it wasn’t me!"

Audrey || 17 years old || Junior, 915B || Selena Gomez

Status → OPEN

Meet Audrey, the beauty with the brawn. Audrey’s father always wanted sons, sons that would be heavy weight boxers! Instead he got Audrey and her older sister, who actually did become a boxer. But Audrey, well not so much. She’s a bright girl that’s not afraid to get down and dirty - she loves working with her hands on cars, gardens, any kind of project that she can really get in to. She started getting her hands a little too dirty though, hot-wiring cars, stealing tires, stealing an engine - but not all for herself! No, people paid Audrey for her mechanical expertise and she figured that she needed the money, so why not? Well daddy found out and now here Audrey is, Walt Academy. She may be a sarcastic sweety, but she’s still nervous. New people, new environment, new everything. What kind of trouble can she get into here?

"Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere."

Gurgi || 16 years old || Sophomore, 249C || Jake T. Austin

Status → OPEN

Meet Gurgi, the sweet little kid that is willing to do anything to be your friend… as long as it involves food. And no danger. And potentially nothing that could possibly harm him in any way, shape, or form. Okay, so he’s a bit of a coward. He lives in his own little naive world where he thinks everything is fantastic, and everyone loves him, and nothing bad could ever go wrong… which is why he still isn’t sure how he ended up here at Walt. His friends back home told him it was just a meaningless prank. His friends back home told him they wouldn’t get in trouble. His friends back home told him that if he stuck to the story if - and when - the cops grabbed him, everything would be fine. And Gurgi, being the desperate little fellow he is, obeyed blindly. After all, he was willing to do anything for his ‘friends’. They’d given him food, safety, and guidance along the years, so the least he could do was repay them by taking the blame for their prank and being sent away an innocent kid, right? Yeah, Gurgi didnt think so either.

"I’m not a man like you!”

Tarzan || 17 years old || Junior, 164B || Tyler Blackburn

Status → OPEN

Meet Tarzan, the missing link. Tarzan’s biological parents were killed when he was just a baby, and he was adopted at a young age. His mother took care of him mostly because his father, Kerchak, didn’t approve of Tarzan at all. Tarzan always wanted Kerchak’s approval, maybe that’s what started his reckless behavior. It started as little things, good things, he was trying to get his adoptive father’s attention. Then he decided he didn’t give a damn. Tarzan loved new things and wanted to try everything at least once, and so he did. He stole merchandise, vandalized property, broke rules, pushed limits, and lived one crazy adventurous life. He never said no to a challenge. That’s why he’s here. Per Kerchak’s request - well, order - Tarzan has been enrolled in Walt Academy and he has two choices: 1) shape up and make something of himself, or 2) don’t come home. Tarzan loves his mother, but he knows he’ll never be good enough for Kerchak, and he’s done trying to be.

"You can own the earth and still, all you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colors of the wind."

Pocahontas || 18 years old || Senior, 622A || Naya Rivera 

Status → OPEN

Meet Pocahontas, the free spirit. Pocahontas is a naturally curious, exciting, fun loving girl who lives to do everything, consequences be damned! Pocahontas’s father wanted her to settle down, find a nice, not-tattooed boy to marry and start a family with; he chose to send her to Walt Academy to put her mind in the correct perspective so she could grow into a woman of virtue. Pocahontas didn’t want to leave her home for a brick-walled, stuffy, old boarding school, but hey, she’ll make the best of it.